Slimming down and losing weight with a virtual gastric band

A Virtual Gastric Band is a safe alternative for a gastric band procedure. During such an operation, the stomach is minimized so that you will eat smaller portions and more quickly experience the feeling of being full. A Virtual Gastric Band does exactly the same, without medical intervention.

Trough Hypnosis, we install a Virtual Gastric Band into your Subconscious, that will feel exactly like a real gastric band. We offer four sessions, spread out over four weeks, where we will use Hypnosis to convince your head that your stomach is smaller.

Why choose a Virtual Gastric Band?

The reason you are overeating, cannot be solved with an operation. A gastric band procedure does not solve any problems, it only tackles symptoms. Hypnosis looks further than that.

Thanks to our innovative programme, we change the way you think about food. Most eating habits are rooted deep into the Subconscious, which makes dieting difficult. A Virtual Gastric Band speaks to your Subconscious to adopt new and healthy habits, and to stick with them, so that your new eating pattern can settle in.

We strive towards an optimization of behavior and behavioral changes, and in order to do that we go deeper into all requirements for weight loss: portion control, movement, drinking water, but also the link with your emotions. You will start eating more Consciously and be able to listen to what your body tells you. The result is a slow, steady and consistent weight loss — no diet. On the contrary, it is everything but a diet. You do not need to count calories or take medication, and you can still eat everything you like.¬†

Losing weight has never been so easy and safe.

Why choose our center?

Our programme has been tested worldwide and guarantees the best results. We have been personally trained by the founder of this protocol, Sheila Granger, and we are the only trainingcenter in Belgium and the Netherlands that has been acknowledged by her. As soon as a new development takes place, we are brought up to speed immediately. With us, you are in good hands. Not only because we are up to par with new techniques, but also thanks to our many years of experience in Hypnotherapy.

3 formulas


  • 4 sessions
  • AudioHypnosis


  • 5 sessions
  • AudioHypnosis
  • Personalized Audio Hypnosis
  • Free Sleepphone


  • 7 sessions
  • AudioHypnosis
  • Personalized Audio Hypnosis
  • Free Sleepphone