Hypnosis for losing weight without diet or exercise

Your goal weight often feels like a far, unreachable dream. Perhaps you succeed in losing weight when you go on a diet, but you regain the pounds in no time. Or you feel as if you only gain weight when you are on a diet, instead of losing it. HypnoSlim is a hypnosis session that helps you lose weight. Developed in the US, the results are incredible, but not too good to be true.

Benefits of hypnosis for losing weight

There are tons of options out there for losing weight. However, these cost time, effort and money. Pills, shakes, special diets, gym memberships, .. only to be disappointed when those pounds you worked so hard for start piling back up. HypnoSlim can help you lose the weight, and keep it off, too. No diet, no sweat. You can eat whatever you want, have as many cheat days as you like, without adjusting your lifestyle. Thanks tot he power of hypnosis, you steer right towards your goal weight: effortless, safe and fast.

Slimming down easy and healthy

Often, those dietary fads such as pills, shakes or cutting certain foods from your menu are bad for your body. They may be chemical, come with side effects and do not carry the vitamins your body needs. Besides, you need energy and the correct nutrition, so those low-calorie foods or drinks are not enough to reduce the hunger feeling. Especially so-called “crash diets” do incredible damage to your body.

If you would like to use a few pounds, slimming down with hypnosis is the easiest and healthiest way. This is because hypnotherapy is a natural way to build in positive habits.

Together with the hypnotist you will discuss your pitfalls and your desired outcome. During the session, a healthy relationship with food will be installed in your subconscious mind. You will notice that you are satisfied with smaller portions, and your eating habits are way healthier than before. The desire for snacks or sweets will be a thing of the past, and you will be looking forward to exercising your body.

Losing weight without stressing or working out 

Exercise is good for you, and during a hypnosis session we will work on this aspect as well. This does not mean you will have to start intensive training or working out at the gym every day. HypnoSlim comes as a total package: we look at your eating habits, but we also try to establish a healthy relationship with exercising. Perhaps you are eating healthy, but you do not like the way your stomach looks. Or maybe you are already working out, but you are unable to lose any weight. The hypnotist will track down what works best for you personally, and which negative habits can be replaced by positive ones, so that you can finally hit your target weight. 

Every hypnosis session is tailored to your needs and lifestyle. Whether you are struggling with your weight, suffer from sugar addiction, are longing to exercise more, or simply want to lose a few pounds: hypnotherapy is an easy, safe and effective solution.

If you feel you are facing an eating disorder, our hypnotherapists can help you too. Click here for more information on eating disorders.

Slimming down without dieting or going hungry

The first few days, a diet is easy-peasy. You feel enthusiastic, motivated and determined to battle the pounds once and for all. However, after a few days go by, you slowly slouch back into your old habits. Often gaining more weight than you lost, having nothing to show for those days of hard work. 

Hypnotherapy is not a diet, because when you go on a diet, you are already setting yourself up for failure. The moment you decide you are on a diet; you sabotage yourself. Why? Because you focus on the things you cannot eat. And the more you focus on those things, the more you want them. You think to yourself: “I cannot have chocolate,” but the funny thing is, you want chocolate even more now. Why is that? 

Because your subconscious does not hear subtle differences. ‘Can’ or ‘cannot’ are easily discarded. The only thing your subconscious hears is: chocolate. Which makes you crave it even more. 

Hypnosis is different. Instead of zooming in on what you cannot do: overeating, snacking, lazying around. Or on what you should  be doing: exercising, eating healthy, having a small portion. Hypnosis let’s you have everything: as long as it is safe and healthy for you. Do you crave a piece of chocolate? Have a piece. Do you feel like taking a walk around the block? Then do it. 

Thanks to hypnosis, your subconscious will guide you into doing what is best for you. Via hypnosis we have a chance to go in and work on your eating patterns and habits. You will experience a satisfied feeling after a meal, have a healthy relationship with sugar, enjoy exercising your body, and lose the weight at a pace that is healthy for your body. You do not need to be hungry, try crazy diets, take pills or exercise like a maniac. You just work towards your goal weight; relaxed, healthy and safe.

How does it work and what can you expect?

It works the same way a navigation system would work. Imagine you taking out your GPS, and entering ‘Brussels’ as your destination, but you start driving to Ghent. That makes no difference to your GPS, it will keep navigating to Brussels, no matter where you are. 

HypnoSlim works in a similar manner, you automatically work towards your target weight, no matter what happens.

All we need to know is your current weight and your target weight, that is all we need. Then, we start working together. During the hypnosis session we convince your subconscious that your new weight is your target weight, so that it can navigate towards that weight all by itself. Your goal is being automatically reached, you do not have to do anything yourself consciously.

It does not matter if you binge-eat one night, or you snack in between, or forget to go to the gym: your subconscious keeps on navigating you towards your goal.

A few habits that can be turned around with hypnosis are:

  • binge-eating
  • overeating
  • portion control
  • sugar addiction
  • hunger pangs
  • lack of motivation
  • negative self-image
  • low self-esteem
  • lack of exercise
  • ..

Experiences of people who have reached their target weight with hypnosis

Opeens ging ik heel andere dingen eten… en verloor ik kilo’s

Udana Ravels

Na een maand was ik al 5 kg kwijt… dit had ik niet verwacht

Peter Van Dijk

In het begin gebeurde er niet veel… maar plots merkte ik de veranderingen…

Saskia Vos

Ik moest mij niks ontzeggen en toch ging ik geleidelijk naar mijn streefgewicht.

Erik Bosman

Niemand geloofde het… maar ik heb het ervaren…raar…

Ann Molenaar

Elke dieet heb ik wel geprobeerd en toen vertelde een collega mij over dit…gelukkig

Roos Verbeeck


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