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Below, you can find the most frequently asked questions about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.


When people hear the word “hypnosis” the first thing that springs to mind is showhypnosis.

However, nowadays Hypnosis is implemented more and more into our daily lives.

For example, modern medicine makes use of hypnosis for various ends, such as sedation, pain relief and recovery.

Despite the many benefits of hypnosis, it is still surrounded by a cloud of misconsceptions. Hypnosis is real, effective and lasting. The reason behind those misconceptions, is that people have such vague notions about what hypnosis is and what it can do.

It is actually fairly simple: Hypnosis makes sure the conscious and the subconscious are on the same page.

Your subconscious mind has allowed a problem to enter your system, smoking for instance, or emotional eating. Because the subconscious has allowed this problem, therefore it knows how to get rid of it, too. Hypnosis tells your subconscious to turn the negative behaviour into a positive behaviour. It’s that simple.

Some people believe they will be “under” Hypnosis, meaning they lose control and are completely surrendered to the will of the hypnotist… This is Nonsense.

During a session, You will remain Present and Alert, and You will NEVER do anything You do not want to do.

You will remember exactly what has happened, what was said and how You felt afterwards.

You will keep control at all times and come out of Hypnosis easily should You feel the need to.


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