Free hypnosis strategy session

For whom?

A strategy session is perfect for those who would like to decide with a hypnotist which approach would best be suited for them.

Choose these free 15 minutes to set your goals together with the hypnotherapist to book a session tailored to your needs.

What’s in it for me?

A strategy session is not a therapy session. It is a chance to:

  • get clear on your vision and goals;
  • understand with your conscious mind what the outcome of the hypnosis will be / what it will mean to you
  • find possible blockages holding you back
  • feel new energy to address the root of the problem
  • feel renewed/motivated to address your issue head on

How does it work?

One of our hypnotists will telephone you, during this 15 minute phone call you decide on a clear trajectory and a desired, realistic outcome. You will be prepped/primed so that the session will have maximum effect. // you will be well-informed.

All you have to do is decide on the programme or issue you are struggling with and the hypnotist with whom you would like to discuss/establish your strategy. You will only be able to speak to a specialized hypnotist. This way, you get to talk to an expert. Then you choose the time at which you would like to be called. The hypnotist will call you at that time. Be sure to make time for this and to schedule it in.

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We are ready to give you the best experience possible. Are you ready to reach your goals?