Benefits of hypnotherapy for smoking cessation

Giving up smoking can be challenging. 

You experience withdrawal symptoms, put on weight, or are in a bad mood.

There are over a hundred treatments that claim they can help you quit: medication nicotine patches, laser treatments, … Those are often inexpensive and ineffective. 

Hypnotherapy is different, because instead of turning you into an ex-smoker, it turns you into a non-smoker.

That is why hypnotherapy is the best way to rid yourself of smoking addiction.

Zero withdrawal symptoms

Giving up smoking is tricky, because the habit is rooted deeply into your subconscious. This causes withdrawal symptoms, for which nicotine patches or gum just do not do the trick. The benefit of hypnotherapy is that both your conscious and your subconscious minds are addressed, so that they are on the same page. Ergo: you do not experience any side effects, because you are a non-smoker. And you will remain that way.

Just one session to give up smoking

We help you go from smoker to non-smoker in just one hypnosis session. During this session you will kick this nasty habit.

One-time investment, earned back quickly

Cigarettes are expensive, and a big bite out of your budget. Invest in a HypnoStop session once, and immediately feel the difference both in your health and in your wallet.

Scientific research

Hypnosis is used worldwide as a preferred method for smoking cessation (Riegel, 2003).

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How does HypnoStop work and what can you expect?

HypnoStop is a hypnosis session that helps you say no to cigarettes in a way that is comfortable to you. When you try to stop smoking, you are relying purely on willpower and are making conscious decisions. That makes you an ex-smoker and can cause withdrawal symptoms, nicotine cravings, and the feeling that you are lacking something. The advantage of hypnotherapy for smoking cessation is that you quit smoking both consciously and subconsciously. This does not make you an ex-smoker, but a non-smoker. And non-smokers do not crave cigarettes, they do not even think about them. Why would they? They do not smoke. And neither do you.

A HypnoStop session is always personalized. We listen to your story, and incorporate the elements you struggle with or would like to see changed into the session.

Experiences of clients who gave up smoking thanks to hypnosis 

Ik probeerde reeds alles, en dan dit… 1 korte sessie en ik heb nooit meer gerookt. Bedankt.

Jens Decuyper

Af en toe denk ik nog wel eens aan een sigaret, maar die gedachte is onmiddellijk weg

Mieke Engels

Mijn vriend rookt nog steeds… maar dat doet mij niks…

Myriam Depoorter

Eigenlijk geloofde ik er niet echt in… maar toch: het werkt

Paul Van Elsen

Eindelijk verlost van die verschrikkelijke gewoonte… bedankt voor de fantastische hulp

Sonja Scheveneels

Mijn familie is ongelooflijk verbaasd dat ik eindelijk een niet-roker ben

Marcel Gijsels

How it works


  • 1 session + AudioHypnosis

HypnoStop Pro

  • 2 sessions + AudioHypnosis
  • Meer budget;

  • Betere conditie;

  • Onafhankelijk;

  • Gezondheid;

  • Geen ontwenningsverschijnselen;