Hypnosis and hypnotherapy

What is hypnosis exactly?

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a tool to engage with your own inner power. In this way, you can achieve all of your goals and become the best version of you. The great thing about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, is that it immediately tackles the core of an issue. Because your subconscious mind does all the work for you, it resolves that issue as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is where hypnosis differs from other forms of therapy. When you experience a problem, you will make a conscious attempt to solve it. However, it is your subconscious mind that has created that problem, and therefore also knows how to fix it. Via hypnosis, we work with the subconscious as opposed to the conscious mind.

Hypnosis is a valuable tool, not only in a medical setting — such as anaesthesia, pain relief and recovery — but also in a therapeutic setting. For instance, fears and phobias, addiction, eating disorders, learning disabilities and health issues can be addressed via hypnosis.

Did you know that hypnosis…

  • has a fast and lasting result;

  • changes your life for the better;

  • has a very high success rate;

  • works almost 100 times faster than psycho- and behavioral therapy;

  • utilizes short and powerful sessions;

  • is a pleasant and relaxing experience;

  • can tackle almost every issue.

Het gerenommeerde magazine “Psychotherapy”, Vol.7/1, na een diepgaand 3-jarig onderzoek, na aanvulling WLM®:

 Percentage HerstelAantal SessiesTotaal
Echte Hypnose       95%1< 1 uur
Hypnotherapie93%66 weken
Gedragstherapie72%226 maanden
Psychotherapie38%60011+ jaar

Change in 1 session?

The number of sessions is different for everyone. We can assure you that we will try to help you within as little sessions as possible, however the exact number is hard to pinpoint because every treatment is mapped out and catered specifically to each individual. More often than not, one session is already enough to detect a change within yourself, and we hope that one or two sessions will help you get rid of your issue for good.

Disclaimer: we are not doctors or psychiatrists, we do not provide medical assistance. We are hypnotists, and help our clients achieve the positive changes they want. Research has shown that the results of hypnosis are incredible in combination with the right motivation, mindset and cooperation of the client.

Some reviews…

Ik leef terug. Ik had emetofobie (angst van overgeven) en daarnaast spastische darmen door de stress. Ik kon t huis niet meer uit of ik kreeg een aanval. Door de hypnose ging voor mij een hele nieuwe wereld open. Op restaurant gaan zonder te moeten panikeren wat er zou kunnen gebeuren. Ergens naartoe gaan gewoon zomaar omdat het kan, zonder me zorgen te maken.

Ik ben blij dat ik dit gedaan heb en omdat ik het zo fascinerend vind ga ik zelf ook de opleiding zelfhypnose volgen.

Charona Pletinck

Ongelofelijk maar waar…
Ik stap terug!
Met de rolstoel binnen en stappend naar buiten!
Bedankt shana!

Ciska Vermeiren