Hypnosis is a powerful tool by which fantastic results can be attained. Hypnosis is, really, nothing more than the Subconscious mind being receptive for suggestions. This happens because in Hypnosis the critical factor (the firewall of the subconscious) is being deferred for a short while. This causes suggestions to be picked up and change becomes possible. A Hypnotist will guide you into Hypnosis to implement those suggestions. Anyone who wants to go into Hypnosis, will go into Hypnosis.

“The enormous creativity and fantasy-world, the satisfaction that comes from completely immersing yourself into the world of the child. Working with children has fascinated me for a long time, that is why I chose to specialize in working with children.”
Shana Roomers IHR


Thanks to the enormous creativity of a child and their openness to fantasy, children are easily hypnotised with very successful results. Actually, children switch continuously during the day between imagination and reality. That is why they can easily imagine that which you want them to imagine.

Up until the age of 6-7 years old, a child does not yet possess a critical factor. This makes them super-sensitive to suggestions. If, for example, you keep telling a very young child that the sky is green, they will accept this after a while. However, if we say the same thing to an adult, they will not accept the sky to be green because their critical factor does not allow for this information to enter.

After the age of 6 or 7, children are also perfectly hypnotizable, however this will require a slightly different approach. From that age on, the child will have to WANT a change. that means that the child needs to be motivated to be rid of said problem. An example: Lisa’s parents want her to eat vegetables. However, Lisa does not like vegetables and sees no use in eating them. In that case, Lisa’s subconscious will not accept this change, even though Lisa went into hypnosis perfectly. The reason is that, for Lisa, there are not enough advantages or motivation to eat vegetables. 

Hypnosis asks a certain amount of concentration from a child. That is why we deem it so important to immerse ourselves into the life of the child. Our method is based on the individuality of the child and we go about in a playful fashion. Because when a child plays, he or she is focused on the story and the game, causing the child to have a fun experience and attain great results. An entertaining, fun method is key to us!

From what age can we help kids?

As soon as the child reaches age 5, we can perform the Hypnotherapy. Sometimes it’s even possible at a younger age, but that depends on the abilities of the child and the level of concentration. Please contact us to talk over this if this is the case, we can discuss the possibilities for the child. If the child is older than 10, you can go book a regular Hypnosis session. 

Which complaints can we help with through Hypno4Kids™ ?

  • fear of injections, hospitals, dentists,..  
  • concentration disorder, fear of failure, trouble studying,…  
  • fear of the dark, trouble sleeping, nightmares,…
  • fear of specific things: spaces, heights, animals, … 
  • wetting the bed
  • stuttering, nail biting, thumb sucking, tics, …
  •  bullying or being bullied
  • headache or tummy ache without clear medical cause (in this case it is important to first have confirmation from a general practitioner) support in case of trauma or other emotional turmoil, processing grief 
  • trouble eating or eating certain foods
  • feelings of anger, sadness, frustration
  • worrying, little self esteem, low self confidence 
  • and so much more…

A few weeks ago we scheduled a Hypnosis session for my daughter. She suffered from negative thinking which was expressed in anger and aggression.

I must say that it has already improved considerably in the meantime. I notice that she no longer responds as quickly and this makes events easier. Her bucket seems to have been emptied. This affected our entire family.

Thank you for the coaching tips. This makes it easier for me and my husband to handle this and we feel a bit calmer.

Hopefully this will only keep improving, I will let you know.

Rudy Sanders

I let her sleep without a nappy and it worked!

She did not pee in her bed for 2 times now. Hopefully the next days, weeks, … neither.

Thanks in advance ! …and I also have less appetite for candy, so it is heading towards the right direction!

Mieke Van Aalst

A little while ago my son came with his ADHD issues. I promised to keep you informed on the progress. Strange but true, it works!

I already notice a huge difference with him. He indicates that he feels much calmer inside. The concentration at school and football has also improved considerably. He even gets compliments from the teacher, and that naturally gives him a boost. Things are calmer at home too. Going to sleep is still difficult, but once he is in bed it’s much easier for him to fall asleep. It’s really nice to see his confidence has increases and he feels better about himself.

Thanks for your help!

Linda Fransen

Kobe was super enthusiastic! He thought it was an incredible experience. To admit I was very skeptical in the beginning.

Because it seemed to me that eczema can not be treated with Hypnosis. But you’ll do everything to help your child. I am very happy that we made an appointment. Kobe has suffered much less so far. He still has some spots. But the large surfaces with wounds healed nicely. He indicates that the itchiness he previously felt have been greatly reduced. This means that he can leave it and let it heal effectively. So, I think that Hypnosis has certainly helped. His skin is really starting to look beautiful again.

Melissa Lemmens