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Direct results, proven methods used by top players.

Hypnosis for athletes

Would you like to:

  • Experience the very best in yourself ? 
  • Feel physically and mentally strong ? 
  • Improve a certain technique ? 
  • Be “in the zone” ?
  • Experience pure focus ?
  • Convalesce rapidly ?
  • Be a winner ?

HypnoSport™ can help you with all of that. 85 percent of succes is in the mind, and that is exactly what we can access via Hypnosis. It’s safe, easy and natural. No drugs, no illegal practices. The biggest trick of all is in your Subconscious.

Sport Hypnosis can not turn someone into a star athlete overnight. However, it does strengthen trained and innate competency, technique and talent. As a good athlete, you will only become better. So whether you want to up your game or perfect a technique, HypnoSport can help you. Also fear of failure, old injuries or blockages disturbing your concentration can be tackled. 

How does a HypnoSport session work?

Via Hypnosis we allow you to meet the winner inside of you. The winner who knows their possibilities and gives 100 percent. Together we look at what you would like to improve: More confidence? Perfect a technique? Quick recovery from injury or muscle strain? With Hypnosis, we can do it all.