Pain relief

Many people get confronted with pain issues at a certain point in their life. This pain can last months or even years, often intertwined with feelings of fear, stress, anger and sadness.

Where acute pain is useful to signal something is wrong, chronic pain can be ongoing and last longer than six months. You can compare it to a car-alarm: it should go off when the windows are being smashed, but not when the mirror is accidentally touched.

Hypno4Pain is a Hypnosis session that helps you deal with chronic pain such as lower back pain, migraine, intestinal pains, pain in the nerves, phantom pain, fibromyalgia, lingering pain after an accident or a surgery, and more. 

Pain: can hypnosis help me?

Often with a pain patient, different therapies are recommended. However, none of those therapies will help the patient to participate normally in everyday life again. So another therapy is added, or more medication given, until finally an impasse has been reached.

How does such a session work?

Why does the pain continue? Using different techniques, including hypnosis, we will try and find an answer to that question.

Hypnosis will help you control the pain and install a new quality of life that doesn’t allow room for pain, fear, anger or anxiety.

Hypnosis works perfectly with other medical treatments (painkillers, antidepressants,..) and physiological treatments (manual therapy, osteopathy, ..)

Hypnosis can be used together with those other treatments, without replacing them.

We will also learn you Self Hypnosis to soften attacks or lessen the pain naturally.