verlost van je allergie

Allergy: can hypnosis help me?

An allergic reaction is a form of behavior, meaning that you react negatively to something from the outside world. Your subconscious creates a physical reaction to dust, pollen, animals, smells, foods, and so on. That is why hypnosis is so effective when It comes to allergies.


Via hypnosis we ask your subconscious to no longer show that negative behavior. You subconscious regulates your immune system to release toxins in the body when you come into contact with that which you are allergic to.


That allergic reaction is rooted deep into your subconscious. Via hypnosis, however, we can access the subconscious easily and ask it to stop showing that negative behavior, causing your immune system to behave normally again. The allergy is a thing of the past, or its symptoms will be drastically lessened so that they become tolerable.


This means: no more expensive medication, no more trips to the hospital, no more chemicals in your body. Simply the help of a hypnotist and the power of your own subconscious.

Does hypnosis work for every allergy?

Every allergy that has manifested itself later into your life, and is thus not genetically handed down, can be lessened or removed with hypnosis. Shellfish, nuts, animal hair, pollen, smells, … a short and powerful session is often enough to help you.

How does an AllergyStop work?

With one short and powerful session, we change your body’s reaction to a certain a certain trigger. We convince your subconscious to no longer show an allergic reaction or — if a certain trigger really is bad for you — to lessen the reaction, making it more comfortable.


For example, instead of your throat swelling up so that you can no longer breathe and need to go to the hospital, this reaction will go away or it becomes more comfortable by making your throat itch a little, instead of that life threatening reaction.

Testimonials after an AllergyStop session

Eindelijk kan ik tijdens de lente en de zomermaanden vrij bewegen zonder mij zorgen te moeten maken.

Ilse Segers

Alles gaat zeer goed. Ik ben nog steeds onder de indruk van het resultaat. Bedankt voor je mailtje.

Wim De Rijck

Ik had geen jeukende ogen meer, moest niet meer niezen, kon beter tegen het licht en mijn neus was weer open dus ik kon weer heerlijk ademen!

Gian Salom