When you surf online, you will probably find a dozen different hypnotherapists, but who is the right match for you?

We would like to tell you a little more about us, and in doing so hopefully help you make the right decision.

Who we are

Our Mission

Our team consists of experienced hypnotherapists, a physiotherapist and a doctor. Our mission is to trigger positive change in people. Our team strives to inspire everyone to become the best version of themselves, and to guide them every step of the way. We would like to think of ourselves as a welcoming, positive and enthusiastic team. Helping people achieve their goals is priority for each team member.

Our Expertise

Real Hypnosis

Real hypnosis therapy is a versatile, rapid-emerging therapy to improve mental and physical conditions. Hypnosis is a very pleasant experience, where you stay in control at all times. Thanks to hypnosis, you can achieve your goals almost 100x faster than you would with any another method. The power of hypnosis is incredible and very powerful.

Our Experience

Our hypnotists are one of the most experienced specialists in europe. They were trained by the best in the world: Jeffrey Stephens, Sean Michael Andrews, Bob Burns, Justin Tranz, Anthony Jacquin, Sheila Granger…

Official Trainers

We are the only team in Belgium to have official in-house trainers, educated by the developers of the best hypnosis programs in the world. Would you like to experience hypnosis or follow a hypnosis training? With us, you are in capable hands.

Our Programs are Accredited Internationally

All of our programmes (HypnoStop™, HypnoSlim™,.. ) are internationally tested and accredited. Therapists worldwide work with these programmes, we are proud to state that our sessions are amongst the best in the world.

Our Clients Are Satisfied

I feel more alive. I had emetophobia (fear of vomiting) and also spastic intestines due to the stress. I could no longer leave the house or I had an attack. Because of the hypnosis a whole new world opened up for me. I can go to a restaurant without worrying about what could happen. I can go anywhere just because I can, without worrying.

I am happy that I did this and because I find it so fascinating I will also follow the self hypnosis training.
Amazing !!

Charona Pletinck

Unbelievable but true …
I’m walking again!
The rolled me inside with the wheelchair and I stepped outside!
Thanks Shana!

Ciska Vermeiren, HypnoseCentrum.be

I have had the gastric band placed and my idea about food has changed completely.

I am satisfied with 3 portions and when I have enough I stop eating. Little or no need for snacks!

Yasmine Meurrens

Very satisfied, one session with Shana helped me greatly.

Maarten Everaerts

Be sure to book a session with Shana. Really worth it! I am super satisfied!

Jolien Baeken

An absolute must for all your problems.

Marc Grandjean

Rob has released me in 1 session from an odor allergy that has bothered me all my life. I became nauseous with strong scents (perfume, scented candles, the scent at a pharmacy and hospital, …) and even fainted a few times while waiting at a pharmacy or sitting at a restaurant or in a cinema next to someone with a strong perfume. Now I even walk into an Ici Paris to buy a scent myself !!!

Astrid Mertens